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GANTER – mindful and natural walking with the 4-Point-Sole

GANTER – mindful and natural walking with the 4-Point-Sole


Ganter launches its lovingly designed SS 17 Collection: Floral and hummingbird prints as well as new embossings and summery materials - as a sign of feminine ease and freedom - embellish the individual parts of the Collection.

This time our Collection is full of new ideas. Besides a super-flexible G-Flex sandal and a crossover-business-running-shoe for men there are numerous innovative and functional developments regarding widths and fits, anatomic footbeds, natural materials and, of course, the unique 4-Point-Sole.

Light and subtle colour nuances with a touch of fresh colours as well as the high quality of the selected materials and the sportive design define the Collection’s distinctive look.


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